Recipes for displacement toward an architecture of no language

In the attempt of arriving, getting related, and understanding a whole new landscape, start drawing, filming, and writing about the spaces and structures that call your attention. Reflect on the moment in which utopia could turn into dystopia: when the ugly, the grotesque, what is out of order, is made invisible.

The idea is to translate an alternative walk through the city while observing, narrating, and constructing this new scenario. Formulate it from different approaches: your own impressions, conversations, facts people say about their own land and some research on it.

During this process your gaze will start changing and getting acclimated, your impressions will evolve and what disconcerts you too. Everything seems so strange but starts getting familiar, the language is still a limit and the misunderstanding of the surrounding will allow you to escape from reality and start playing with fiction.

What is true? What could be true? and What is not, how would it be if it were true?

A spinning and jumping between materialities and media will begin. Adopting what the development requires. The search is not only about the adaptation to the displacement but about finding the appropriate tools and forms. About the different stages, moments, and contrasts.

Create a relationship between the migrant experience and emotions: paranoia and nostalgia, while linking with the city’s architecture and language.

From a more personal starting point, going through a more collective view and finishing with a general view of the city as a representation of its society.

Site-specific wall drawings, HD video, color, sound 10’


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Installation View

Video Frames.

Recipes for displacement toward an architecture of no language. 80 pagesEdition of 10.

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